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Why Choose Vocalize This?

Independently owned and operated, Vocalize This Audio Productions offers client-centered voice over services, specializing in commercial and non-commercial audio. We bring you years of professional production, voice over and broadcast experience with a hand-picked team of diverse and dynamic talent. When it comes to our fair and transparent pricing, there’s no smoke and mirrors here, it’s nothing but the real McCoy.

Broadcast Quality

All audio is produced and delivered in high fidelity, broadcast quality.

Fast Turn Around

Receive your audio within 3 business days.

Personal Approach

From the start of your project to the end, you’re the most important part of our team.

Budget Friendly

We work on projects both big and small, and we pride ourselves in the fair value of the services we provide.

Professional Voice Overs


  • Explainer
  • E-Learning
  • Phone Prompts / Voice Messaging
  • Tutorial Training
  • Corporate


  • TV
  • Radio
  • Digital Media
  • Internet Video
  • Product Testimonials


  • Syncing
  • Character Voices
  • Background Music
  • Expedited Delivery
  • Multiple Formats

You’ll receive your fully-produced, studio-quality recording within 3 business days.
Inquiries will be responded to Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 7pm EST.

Full Service


Step One

Drop us a line.


Step Two

Chat with us about your script and our talent.


Step Three

Sit back while we Vocalize This.


Step Four

Show off your brand spanking new audio and bask in the sweet sound of success.

Services / Pricing

We strive to offer the best service at a great value.

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You'll receive your fully-produced, studio quality, recording within 3 business days.

What kind of voice overs fall into this category?

Glad you asked! These types of voice overs are considered non-commercial:

  • Explainer
  • E-Learning
  • Phone Prompts/Voice Messaging
  • Tutorial Training
  • Corporate
  • Live Announcements

See our Rate Sheet for details!


All pricing below for commercial voice overs include a 12-month buyout. Boy Howdy!

You'll receive your fully-produced, studio quality recording within 3 business days.

What kind of voice overs fit into this category?

Great question! These VOs are considered commercial:

  • Digital Media
    (paid-apps, apps with ads, YouTube, websites with ads, Hulu, Spotify, social media, Pandora, podcasts with ads, product testimonials, etc.)
  • TV
  • Radio

Length Digital TV/Radio
0-15 sec: $100 $100 Local / $125 Regional / $500 National
16-30 sec: $150 $125 Local / $155 Regional / $750 National
31-60 sec: $225 $175 Local / $225 Regional / $1050 National
More than 60 sec: Contact us for a quote Contact us for a quote

Local is defined as less than 1 million in audience, Regional as more than 1 million in audience in a region, National as more than half of a country.


Syncing 50% of total script price
Fast Turnaround 24-hour flat fee $35
Background Music 50% of total script price
Separating Files
  • 0-100 individual files: no additional fee
  • 101+ individual files: $1 per file
Syncing Fast Turnaround Background Music Separating Files
50% of total script price 24-hour flat fee $35 50% of total script price
  • 0-100 individual files: no additional fee
  • 101+ individual files: $1 per file
Character Voices
1 character / impression: $30
2 characters / impressions / voice actors:$60
3 characters / impressions / voice actors:$90
4+ characters / impressions / voice actors:$150

If you're looking for something we have haven't listed, contact us for a quote!

The Talent

Take a look - or better yet, a listen - to our roster of diverse and dynamic talent.
With a range of tones and capabilities, we know you'll find that perfect voice to Vocalize This!




Margaret brings to the table 8 years of on-air radio experience as well as nearly a decade of voice over work for clients like American Airlines, DISH Network, and Hackensack Meridian Health. Margaret's voice is warm, inviting, and smooth to add that perfect touch to your project. When she's not recording, Margaret spends her time volunteering with animals - she fosters countless numbers of kittens and helps out at a local farm sanctuary!




Nick has been a voiceover artist and actor for 7 years in addition to a decade of on-air radio experience. He’s provided voiceovers for a litany of clients including Airstream, Chili’s, Lipton, and Old Navy. Nick’s voice can bring a conversational, relaxed, and laid-back tone to your work, or a hyped-up and energetic jolt to your script. His voice can also chameleon itself with a long list of character and cartoon voices. While not in the booth, Nick is a Specialist Professor of Communication at Monmouth University, an “active” outdoorsman, a pseudo-chef, and master at finding discount airfare.




Anthony has over a decade of on-air radio and production experience. His voice has been used by clients in many different industries, including craft beer, rustic dining, and entertainment just to name a few. Anthony's friendly and personable voice will give that authentic vibe to your project. When he's not in front of the mic, Anthony is always tinkering, whether it's fermenting something, fighting with technology, or building a guitar.




Rich is an accomplished and award winning radio host. He's credited by some with developing the Alternative Rock format, creating and leading FM 1063 for almost a decade and he is currently the Program Director and mid-day host at a successful NPR affiliated Public Radio station. He is now channeling his promotional, copywriting and interviewing expertise into creating entertaining and intelligent reality / documentary television programming as well as lending his voice to your voice over project.




Chris has been a professional voice actor since 2016 and has voiced numerous commercials for brands like Goldman Sachs, Trident, Spotify, Truly, Samsung, and more! His voice has also been featured in various video games, audiobooks, visual novels, and animated series. Additionally, he has been featured in numerous on-screen movies, training videos, and commercials for companies T-Mobile, Cure Auto, Chicco, and more! Whether it's an explainer video, eLearning course, or video games, his voice will add gravity and weight to your project as well as keep your audiences feeling comfortable and confident with your material, which will keep them coming back! While not recording in his home studio, Chris is a long-time fan of anime (back when they were on LaserDisc!) and video games and loves going to the beach with his family!




Jaimee has been using her voice throughout her career as a Customer/Sales Support professional to compel potential clients, calm agitated customers and even provided voice overs for automated phone systems and training videos. Jaimee has an extensive background studying speech & speaking voice with HB Studio (NYC) and Voice Over with Jeffrey Driesbach. In fact, upon completion of Mr. Driesbach’s workshop, he suggested Jaimee for a voice over at a renowned NPR affiliated public radio station, which lead to a job on air! Jaimee will bring your project to life in a professional and timely manner.



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Homegrown and independently-owned. We’re your friendly, neighborhood audio production company.

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Our Mission

To bring years of voice over production experience to you for the fairest price and fastest turnaround. Can you dig it?

Our Approach

We approach each project as if it were our own with care, precision, and quality. We’ll kick your ideas up to 11.

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